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Due to imperial imperatives the colonial powers in India contrived a false history of India in general, and completely mangled its chronology in particular. There is a need to correct the historical narrative of India that needs to be done from an Indian perspective and by historians and scholars whose professionalism is complete and who are not influenced either by an alien ideology or a domestic political motive. We need to bring a sense of urgency to the task. For it is clear that one cannot assume the presence of the Pundits in great numbers, in the future as they will migrate to positions that are more financially secure rather than do the arduous task of memorizing sizeable portion of the Veda as they have done in the past. 

Further, there is a need to investigate and measure the socio-cultural consequences of youths learning contrived history during their formative years resulting in self-alienation and hatred towards their own cultural background. An overall assessment of the cultural damage caused to the society by contrived history needs to be made.

Consequently, it is imperative for the civil society and its plethora of stakeholders to come together, and develop and execute a plan of effective remediation in order to decolonize the discipline of History once and for all.

The Foundation will undertake a series of seminars annually with an exclusive focus on Indic history to specifically research the distorted history, investigate its consequences, assess its consequences, and remedy the situation by facilitating impartial/professional research into Indic history, and in addition will conduct programs to correct the history in the academia, media and in public perception.

The conference has 2  objectives. One is to increase awareness of strategic thinking and to show that a strategic approach based on long-term objectives is key to creating an environment for a civilization in which the future is less threatening and offers greater and better choices. The second objective is to increase awareness of the importance of learning the accurate history of India and its impact on the future choices that a country can and should make in its vital interests.


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